Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you only draw in an anime/cartoon style?

A: Nope! I can also draw realistically, a mix of both, or pretty much any style out there! I just prefer the more anime style of art and I personally feel it’s my strongest style.

Q: What programs do you use/ know how to use?

A: I mainly work in Clip Paint Studio, doing my sketching, linework, and painting in that. I’m proficient in Photoshop, and I’m decent in Illustrator. I have done work in Animate and After Effects, and I’ve also dabled in Modo and Garage Band. I can also make a mean Power Point if need-be!

Q: Do you only draw characters?

A: No, I can do backgrounds as well. I personally feel, however, that I am more skilled at character drawing/designing.

Q: Will you draw me something for free?

A: Nope. Unfortunately, free won’t pay my bills, and it takes time out of my normal work day to draw. You wouldn’t go to a hair salon and ask to get your hair styled for free, would you?